• The Founding Fathers got it wrong

    When facing the cold reality of Christian power, the first step is to realize that 75% of Americans do not belong to the White Evangelical and White Catholic denominations that drive the “Christian” agenda.

  • 6th Grader's Look at God

    Nature’s God does not sit on a throne like a king. My name is Kenny Grotewiel. I’m in the 6th grade. My teacher said I had to write a book report. I picked a book called Nature’s God. Before I get to that, these are my brothers and sisters. I'm the tallest. Back to the book. It talks about looking at God in a new way. Nature’s God does not sit on a throne like a king. God does not tell people what to do. This God is inside nature. That means he is in me I guess. Some really smart peopl…

  • I Don’t Belong to an Organized Religion. And I Am a Person of Faith.

    Does one believe in government of, by, and for the people?  That’s the faith test that allows persons to declare themselves faithful to American democracy.

  • Common Ground for Democracy: Religion Is Not – and Is – the Answer.

    Humanity has always used religion to define what we hold in common, as a basis for internal social solidarity.  Our own history features a continuous stream of Christian revivals uniting citizens in the face of new challenges.  Indeed, there are many voices today advocating a Christian renewal for resolving our differences.

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