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The percentage of those not affiliated with any religion (23%) is nearly equal to the number of white Evangelical Protestants and Catholics combined (25%)


Our Sacred Democracy Project

Our goal is to protect and nourish our American democracy by writing on its behalf in a provocative and constructive way. 

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NOTA (none of the above  society)

The NOTA Society started with lifelong friends sharing what life had taught us about the relationship between religion, science and democratic government. We invite you to join us in this conversation.  


NOTA'S Songs of Faith

      These are songs of faith.  Some may be humorous.  Others offer a religious twist.  Some are thoughtful.  All can be found on your favorite streaming service. For Spotify Premium users, sing your way to all these songs and more.

       Faithfully Yours, NOTA.

1)  Atheists don't have no songs by Steve Martin, Steep Canyon Rangers

2)  Give God the Blues by Shemekia Copeland

3)  Conservation by Eliza Gilkynson

4)  Like Jesus Does by Eric Church

5)  Love is the Reason by Brother Sun

6)  New Friend Jesus by Craig Finn

7)  Jesus is All by Sweet Honey in the Rock



NOTA Advantages

About the NOTA Society

The Founding Members (2021)

The None of the Above Society was formed to support those who are not a member of any organized religion. Within that framework,  we have become a spirited  champion protecting and nourishing our sacred democracy. It’s fragile you know.  

1) Comfort in knowing you're not alone ― if you're "None of the above" when it comes to religion.  2) Thoughtful conversations on all things religion.  3) Invitation to join in the fun of exploring.  4)  No dues.  5) Read all NOTA essays at .


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